We are computer scientists at The Ohio State University. Our passion is building cutting-edge computer systems & technology that impact our communities.

ReRout Lab recruits talented people worldwide. Talent and passion unite us. The systems we build are used in K-12 education, open-source software, enterprise business systems and global technology companies.

Research topics: sustainable computing; cloud computing; autonomous/autonomic systems; data analytics; analytic modeling; technology for education; women in computing; CS4all

Our Research

The links below highlight a few active projects. For details, visit the archives page or Dr. Stewart's homepage (and publications).

Computational Sprinting

Computers consume energy. Big and fast computers consume a lot of energy. Computational sprinting improves efficiency, i.e., it helps computers process workloads using fewer joules. The key is to explicitly link computers (producers of results) to humans (interpreters of results). Humans should receive results when they need them; Not sooner (wastes energy) and not later, but right on time. Don't worry, more content coming soon.

Autonomous UAVs in Agriculture

Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles hover, capture images and navigate without manual intervention. However, their processing needs are significant. Balanced, efficient and programmable computer systems are essential to realize exciting applications, such as autonomous crop scouting in agriculture.